Zack Viera

Height: 5’5”
Weight: 134 lbs
Age: 18 years old
Clean and Jerk: 225 lbs
Snatch: 155 lbs
Back Squat: 280 lbs
Front Squat: 260 lbs
Deadlift: 345 lbs

Zack grew up around sports and competition. Played high school football and ran track, but really stuck towards track. In 2011 he found CrossFit thanks to his father. Few months later entered is first competition finishing 18th. At that moment Zack knew he wanted to succeed in CrossFit. It was a life changing decision, with so many wrong decision he knew he finally made the right one! From a once a day member to a gym rat, Zack increased in everything! With his 9th comp coming up, he is so use to the competition floor with nothing to stop him! The kid has dreams, to really be big one day. Punching in a ticket to the CrossFit Games in a matter of time.

Don’t forget my name Zack Viera

Put GOD first and he will crown your efforts with success

5th at 2012 CFL Winter Games

9th at 2013 CFL Winter Games

9th at March Mayhem 3