Rhode Blocks Joins Forces With Smith & Wesson

It has come to the attention of RhodeBlocks that there is an ever increasing need to be prepared for all possible situations that life may bring–especially during something like The CrossFit Games where anything can happen.

In that light, Rhode Blocks has joined forces with Smith & Wesson to train people for something as simple as needing to shoot a target rather than throw a 30lb med ball at it, or as complex as marksmanship so clients can fight off the Obama FEMA gun grabbers.

We’re happy to introduce gun racks and small hand gun display pegs for your coffee table or glass hutch.

Now that you’ve clicked on our click bate, because you can’t help yourself. Please check out our fine products…



Please call 619-618-6382 to order. Online checkout is temporarily closed. Rhode Blocks is in transition and relocating its facility. Online orders will resume December 1, 2017. Phone in orders only.