Let’s Go Up 10kg

Mark Cannella

When coaches/lifters pick attempts at a local meet, it is imperative that they follow a general pattern to allow for their lifter to perform at their best.

Simply going up 10 kg for example is not what you want from your athlete nor coach when it comes to successfully making attempts and making the most of your competition. I see many athletes only make their first attempt and/or bomb due to selecting weights that only provide for more misses.

From the most prestigious competitions, we see coaches & athletes select weights that position themselves for their best total, which is what we desire from the local level too.

So how do we do this? Coaches and athletes should sit down a few days before the meet and discuss plans on what has worked well in the past, attempts that allow the athlete to be comfortable on the platform and allow for them to compete with others in the competition.

To script something like this directly above, one must write out from the proposed opener and then count backwards on the normal progression to the very beginning of the warm-up.

Moving into the meet, it is important at any level, but at the local level especially to make this opener. We witness so many new coaches/athletes that miss their opener and then move up quite a bit as if that first selection was a make. In our opinion, this creates issues that prove to be the downfall of these lifters as they many times, bomb in the meet. If you miss a lift, you probably should repeat, especially if it is the opener on either discipline.

Select weights that prove good results and are solid lifts to build upon for future meets. What if scenarios are just that if one continues to put the proverbial cart before the horse?

What sounds better to you, 2 for 6 or 6 for 6, yet the totals are the same?

Success breeds success and we at CWL look to make lifts all the time.

Yours in Sport,

Mark Cannella
Head Coach, Columbus Weightlifting

Mark Cannella

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