When should I expect my order?

Jerk Block orders are hand crafted and are also in high demand. We tell our clients expect a 20-30 business day turn around. Usually we can get them to you either within that window or earlier depending on the size of orders in front of you.

Plyo box orders are much quicker. Usually within the week you order we can ship. So ultimately you’re looking at about 7-12 days turn around depending on shipping.

Small order items like targets and squat blocks can be ground freight and usually if they are bundled with a jerk block set, they just come with the jerk blocks. But if they are ordered independently, they can be shipped out within the week. 7-12 days

I have my jerk blocks, how do I take care of them?

  1. Always stack. Never stand on end. Standing on end causes the blocks to warp.
  2. During shipping moist wood can become a bit moldy. We recommend wiping them down with bleach water and rag. Do this once about every few weeks for the first month or two. As the wood dries out and cures you will not need to do this anymore.
  3. If you hear a jingle-jangle, that means your washers or screws are loose. Get a half inch socket wrench. Turn only a quarter of a turn at a time. We don’t want you stripping the screws.
  4. Never drop weight on a 6” or 8” block. Always cap off your stack with a 4” top block. If you do, you will void your warranty. Always drop weight on the 4” block only.
  5. Human weight can jump on any plyo box configuration of jerk blocks without the need of the 4” block.
    We do not recommend using the jerk blocks as plyo boxes above the height of 30” Anything higher is at your own risk.
  6. As boxes are drying and curing into themselves, refrain from placing the boxes in direct sunlight. This can cause rapid dry out and cracking my occur.
  7. Is there a warranty?

    Now that you’re a part of the Rhode Blocks family we’re always willing to bend over backwards to make you, the customer, happy. We have a 30 and shipping warranty. Beyond that, if you call us up and say that a bumper is broken or something simple to fix. Usually we can mail you out the part. Full replacement of a block after 30 days is not in the warranty.

    How is shipping calculated and handled?

    All our shipping is handled through UPS ground or air freight depending on which option is the most inexpensive for the customer. Our highly discounted rate and relationship with UPS gets us the best possible price with the SAFEST and most RELIABLE Company that ensures your order gets to you in one piece. When you order with the shopping cart, rates are automatically tabulated depending on your zip code and other shipping options you select.

    How long will my jerk blocks last?

    Our original set built on January 17, 2013 is still in use and in one piece. So if that says anything about our blocks, we hope you’re convinced that we carry a great product.

    Talk to me about your Oly Platforms…

    Our Oly Platforms are unlike anything else on the market. This is due to our focus on noise and vibration canceling. Most box-gyms throughout the US and the World are always located next to another business that doesn’t like all the noise and vibration. Our platforms are designed to soften noise from a barbell drop, and dampen vibration down to almost nothing. Our tests of 400lb drops are barely felt at a distance of 10’ from the edge of the platform.

    The other perk of owning a Jason or Hercules platform is that both are light weight, movable, storable, and transport friendly. Anyone can pick them up with the help of another person.