Devon Simmons

Height: 5’5”
Weight: 167 lbs
Age: 23 years old
Clean and Jerk: N/A
Snatch: N/A
Back Squat: N/A
Front Squat: N/A
Deadlift: N/A

Devon has been part of the CrossFit community for the past four years now. He is currently located in Chico, CA where he trains and coaches on a daily basis. He has always been interested in physical fitness. Starting at a young age Football and Wrestling was his passion. It wasn’t until he found Crossfit that he knew he had found his sport. After many small town competitions he wanted to start competing on a larger scale. He has competed in the last 3 open seasons and has been to the last 2 Northern California regionals. His love for sports and fitness has spread into his career. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and is currently working towards his doctorate in Physical Therapy.

His favorite thing in Crossfit isn’t just the personal accomplishments he gains but the accomplishments his clients gain. Crossfit will always be a part of his life because there is never an end. Any goal made just creates a new goal; Crossfit is indefinite and is always changing. What drives Devon to the gym every day is not only the personal improvements he gains, but the community Crossfit creates. Crossfit will always be a huge part of his life as it is not just a hobby it’s a lifestyle.