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Wrong Amount of Protein

You’re Eating the Wrong Amount of Protein and at the Wrong Time…

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To begin, this is not for you elite level athletes out there. Each and every one of you have special dietary requirements that far exceed the needs of 99% of the CrossFit community. You probably already have a nutritionist on retainer, or minimally have an understanding of your individual needs. Sorry guys, this one is for the majority that are faced with countless opinions and feel lost in the myriad of available information.

Background: We’re going to go down the rabbit hole here a bit, just try to stick with it. Everyone has heard of the recommended dietary allowances (RDAs), the dietary reference intakes (DRIs) and the acceptable macronutrient distribution range (AMDRs) whether or not they realize it. The DRIs and AMDRs are produced by the Institutes of Medicine in conjunction with the Food and Nutrition Board; this group of professionals volunteer and work independent of government agencies to provide unbiased and authoritative advice to policy makers and the public at large. [1]

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